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What: In our Interview series, we connect with full-time female working professionals for them to share their personal experiences, insights and expertise with us.

A broad range of topics will be discussed, including but not limited to:

  • Key trends across the financial industry

  • Future of industries

  • Career paths and job aspects

  • Current challenges on gender diversity issues in the industry and recent progress

  • Challenges and defining moments in careers

  • Managing daily responsibilities and stress

  • Professional skills: how to acquire and grow them

  • Success: advice on how to succeed in the long term and be yourself

When: The interviews are posted on an ad-hoc basis.

Where: To access the interviews follow the links provided in our newsletter “The Primer”. Preview will be available on our social media platforms.


What: Online Q&A offers you a chance to have a live and personal interaction with leading female professionals via an online platform.

You will be able to ask questions that are of interest to you, for instance:

  • Choosing between career paths

  • Interview preparation tips

  • Succeeding in the workplace

  • Managing daily responsibilities and stress

  • Female leadership and empowerment

  • Developing essential skills

When: Q&As take place every last Friday of the month at 1pm UK time for 1-2 hours. The first one is on the 24th of April.

Where: The link to Q&As will be sent out in our newsletter “The Primer”.


Virtual Events include a range of online talks, workshop, webinars and panels, for example:

  • Wellbeing and mindfulness webinars

  • Interview and Assessment centres preparation workshops

  • Professional Skills workshops: Financial Modelling and more

When: The events are held on an ad-hoc basis.

Where: The events are delivered through an online platform hosted by us. The link will be provided in our newsletter “The Primer”.

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